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We went to The Depot studios in Granton, Edinburgh, and over two days we recorded Get Free. It features the songs we learned to play live in Bill Kyle's Jazz Bar, where we held a weekly residency. I think my friends play out of their skin on this record. I hope you enjoy listening to it.


released August 8, 2012

Mike Kearney - Keys and backing vocals.
Calum McIntire - Drums
Calum Wood - Bass
Aki Remally - Lead guitar
Tommy Pickles - Flute and Sax
Rossco Galloway - Acoustic guitar and vocals
Roberta Pia - Backing vocals.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Garry Boyle.



all rights reserved


Rossco Galloway and The Chans. Sweden

Welcome to my bandcamp page. Rossco Galloway is a Scottish folk Singer/Songwriter and guitarist. Originally from Gullane, a tiny east coast village, he is now living in Skellefteå, via ten years spent learning his music trade in Edinburgh.

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Track Name: A Fishwife's Tale
Crab in the sun by the water, fisherman caught her
Merchants there bought her
So out of place on the dry land, Galapagos island
Where she left her daughter
Packed in a crate with a stingray, eyeing her up deadly
But she knew him from the back bay
Talking in the tongues of the sea, she told him exactly
What they had to do to get free
Listen to me, listen to me

There is an underwater world out there
Current drag you under, try to catch you unawares
I'm an old sea snail, I'm hangin' round in a fishwife's tale

Sand and mirrors in the zahir, a sarong and foreign love songs
He fought so hard to get here
He found his little Indian squaw, way more deadly than the stingray
She is the quickest on the quickdraw
Back to the crate on the dock, pincers in a rope lock
Time's goin' tick-tock
I was crawlin' on the ocean floor
I got entangled in a Portuguese man o' war
I'm an old sea snail, I'm hangin round in a fishwife's tale.
Track Name: Iona Blues in E
I feel your spirit in the rain, iIfeel your spirit in the rain
I feel your spirit in the rain, I reap the harvest, I plant the grain
I feel your spirit in the rain.

Devil real or devil false, devil real or devil false
Devil real or devil false, I choose the righteous course
Devil real or devil false.

Sing the evensong tonight, sing the evensong tonight
Sing the evensong tonight, cup yer candle, hold it tight
Sing the evensong and sleep safely tonight.

Monolithic standing stones, monolithic standing stones
Monolithic standing stones
Strike the evil from my bones
Monolithic standing stones.

St Oran's chapel sits on this ancient little rock, St Oran's chapel sits on this ancient little rock
And on this ancient little rock, I swear I heard your spiriti knock
On this ancient little rock.
Track Name: Get Free
I'm bailing out the shipwreck o' my life with just one shoe
My hull is springin' leaks, it got rammed in 1982
Livin' like a leper takes it's toll on the crew
Will ye tell me what's a hungry navigator got to do

To get free, you got one over on me
You evaded history, plant me one tree

You take a jolt, you take a hit, sustain another dunt
You try to fight your way clear from the crazies and the runts
Seems like these days evrythin' just comes to evryone
There's never been a better time, to be a stupid cunt

Ah, listen to me! I am universally, R-O-S-S-C-O
In the inner hebrides, plant me one tree
Flay my bones of all that's gone
Flay my bones of old songs

Bird in the sky, bird in the sky

Look out for my bird in the sky, she knlws how I feel
She puts all of the blossom in the tree, everyday
Do you know how that feels?
Gimme breeze drifting on by, she'll tell you how it feels
To get a new dawn, a new day, a new life

Rpt 1st verse and chorus
Track Name: The River
The river is colder and wider today
She's black in the night and she's blue in the day
I don't need to jump in to get carried away
When I come back a fish, please put me in the sea
For the river is too cold for me
I beg for deliverance, does the wind carry me?

Sweet stagnation is pulling me now
I was in the wrong place, when the anchor came down

Now the locks are all closed and the streams are all froze up
Can I make a home in the reeds here
The clocks here have slowed to a practical stop
And nature is takin' a breather

Well I should have told her that I couldn't stay
Before they dammed up the creek that led back to the bay
I doubt that she'd listen to me anyway
This little vein is too shallow for me
My blood needs the salt to be free
Somebody's draining the main artery

If the world has a heart, we can swim to the part
Where an octopus' arms will receive me
Way down deep in the drink and surrounded by ink
I'm in a place where the cold cannot seize me
And there is no-one above or beneath me